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Our Data Quality

  • Roughly 1.5 million fresh pieces of data per month are “scrubbed” to ensure quality and deliverability, making our database one of the largest and most “hygienic” available.

  • Our database has more than 140 million consumer and business emails, time stamped with URLs to verify recipients consent.

  • Securely deliver your message to specific consumers using hundreds of targeting options.

  • Reach national, regional and/ or local audiences at cost effective rates.

Our Database

  • Our email database consist of information obtained through opt-in online surveys, e-subscriptions, e-registrations and our extensive network of permission-based websites.

  • Any data obtained is put through a hygiene process for verification, allowing us to

  • validate the email addresses.

  • Our team is diligent with maintaining and updating our unsubscribe lists. We have a quality assurance process in our emailing team that verifies that all broadcasts are can-spam compliant.

  • Every record received also has the opt-in date, IP and source for compliance purposes.

  • Our teams follow the best data security practices to ensure all of our compliance steps are followed and there are no breaches.

Why work with us?

  • Permission-based and targeted.

  • Proposal received within two business days.

  • Dedicated account mangers.

  • In-depth reporting.

  • Dashboard integration.

  • Quality control, including regular “scrub” of inactive users, new emails collected daily.

  • Controlled mailing structure removing hard bounces, retrying soft bounces.

  • Technical infrastructure rotating servers and IPs, maintaining feedback loops to optimized in-box delivery.

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