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Grand Opening Advertising Grocery Store

Company Overview

Grocery Store selling  local, sustainable, organic, fairly traded and healthful products.

The Challenge

The company was well established in northwest Philadelphia and now they were opening their largest store in a suburban area where they would have to develop a new customer base and establish their unique brand from scratch.

The Plan

  1. Geo-fence/Device ID the competition, specifically the competitive Whole Foods in the area. We captured the IP addresses of people who shopped in the past six months and targeted them through device ID with display ads announcing the opening and with coupon offers.

  2. Email campaign targeted geographically within a 4 mile radius of the new store to people who had shown a demonstrated interest in organic, natural and healthy food. E-mails were sent announcing the opening and with coupon offers.

The Results

  • Through Geo-fence/Device ID we delivered 156,381 display ads and generated 280 click through visits to their web site.

  • 50000 targeted e-mails were sent. There were 6292 opens and 791 direct visits to their web site.

Over a three month program, over 1000 highly targeted potential shoppers visited the stores web site.

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