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Targeted, High-Impact Messaging

  • Target audio ads to relevant geographies, time slots, and audiences to hone in on valuable prospects

  • Reporting tracks all metrics including GRP, completion rate, clicks, and path to conversion so you understand how audio works with other channels & strategies

  • Audio clips either run alone or with a companion banner

  • Retarget users who have reached the midpoint or end of your audio ad

Expanding Audio Partnership

  • We integrate with Spotify, Triton, AdsWizz, and TargetSpot

  • Leverage data from Audio partners – target specific genres, playlists and demographic traits


General Information

  • Some audio publishers allow a companion banner (which may be free of charge or for an additional fee) that will serve alongside the audio ad upon playing.

  • Audio ads are non-skippable and non-clickable. Some publishers and SSPs may allow companion banners, which may allow for clicks.

  • Programmatic audio is not "real-time", so creatives are cached and served when appropriate.

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