What is “Device ID (DID)” Targeting?

Utilizing the consumer’s unique, specific device to gather consumer profile data in order to deliver targeted, relevant brand messaging/offers.Advanced spatiotemporal mapping provides advertisers with real-time audience insight.

Local Device Heatmap

National Device Heatmap

Audience Insight Report

DID Targeting Products

Device ID Address Match:

This product uses the DID Targeting location data to match device IDs to physical addresses. Client must provide address list of at least 5K addresses.

DID Targeting:

This product uses DID targeting data to identify mobile devices (users) that have been in target locations during customizable, specified  timeframes. We build polygons around any location to create custom audiences targetable no matter where that user goes after their visit. By targeting the device ID we have high quality, real human user data to deliver your marketing/brand message.

*Each campaign type comes with an Audience Insight Report

Popular DID Targeting Strategies

These are some of the many ways to leverage DID targeting for your campaign.


Reach consumers who have visited target locations in the past, regardless of where  they are now.


Reach consumers who have visited your competition’s locations.


Link device IDs to home address, and vice versa.


Expanded audience segments that include other devices in the household and/or audience members with the same demographic and behavioral attributes.

Foot Traffic/Point of Interest (POI) Attribution

Create a separate set of polygons to determine which device IDs enter a geofence of store locations/points of interest and match them to the device IDs targeted in the campaign.


Purchase USPS addresses of device IDs targeted and device IDs seen entering the POI geofence after being served an impression.

DID Targeting Impact

Device ID (DID) Targeting

Frequently asked questions

Don't you need to see the behavior?

The answer is actually no. It is not healthy or helpful for your dog to continue to practice behaviors that we are targeting for change. It is my job to use my diagnostic skill and experience to ask questions that will help us build a behavior profile. This will include all of the elements list on the Complete Consult Page. Please have a look. That profile will give us what we need to create a behavior plan. The goal of the plan is to reduce or eliminate the behaviors of concern. If you already have a video that you would like to share, I would be happy to take a look at it.

What if I really need to see how a skill is taught?

PERFECT! If you are a visula learning, like me, we can provide a few different options. First, I can share some videos that can be viewed during the session We can also demonstrate the mechanics with some live dogs. I have 3 "speeds"of dogs that will be happy to work for meatballs. Lastly, I have fake dogs who will stand really still if we need to slow things way down. I will coach you through each exercise with your dog as well to be sure we have a good session video for you to review as well.

I am NOT tech savvy. I just feel overwhelmed by this process.

Understandable. That's why I am offering a pre-consult, no cost session focused on walking you through the set up. We will be using ZOOM so we are able to record and share session videos. If you do not need a recording for a quick huddle or virtual visit, we can always jump on Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

How much does it cost?

Typically, the fees are similar to in person fees. The amount of time spent per client is the same when considering the additional prep work need. Due to the current health crisis, we are offering a lower rate solely to help those who are concerned about the unstable economic client we are all facing. We do not want your dog to go without support during this situation and its indefinite timeline. Currently, COVID pricing will remain in effect until at least July 1, 2020. More information can be found in the SERVICES & RATES section.

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