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Special Offer for Chestnut Hill  Business Association Members  

Progressive Business Services is offering Chestnut Hill Business Association members the latest in highly targeted, AI optimized digital advertising, fully customized for your business, and discounted for Chestnut Hill Business Association members.


Why Digital Advertising. 

Only highly targeted digital advertising can eliminate waste and maximize your return on investment.  Get your message in front of people ready to purchase from your business, bring them to your website and grow your customer base. 


Maximize ROI. Put your message in front of only the people most likely to buy from your company.


Know exactly how your ads are performing. Receive weekly reports on how many people have viewed your ads, qualified website visits, where they live, and much more. 


Guaranteed results through branding and website visits.  People who fit your specific prequalification requirements see your ads and visit your website on an ongoing basis, guaranteed.


How do we do it?  

Hyper-targeting on multiple levels will get your message to precisely the right people, only those interested in your product. Your ads will be seen across all devices wherever and whenever your prospective customer is consuming online content.  Your ads will be seen on phones, tablets and, computers.  


Geo-targeting. We will show your ads in the specific geography that you choose. Right down to the zip code level.  

Demographic targeting. Age, income; you name it, and we can target the perfect demo. 


Interest and behavior targeting.  Target people who are actively interested in your products and services and will find your message relevant and compelling.


Site Retargeting. Show your ads to people who have visited your website to keep you competitive and top of mind. 

 The Packages.

Fully customized for your business and including all of the targeting options above. Lower rates and minimums reduce the entry-level cost from $450 per month to just $295.

40,000 targeted ads shown and at least 40 direct visits to your website per month, guaranteed. $295 per month.

85,000 targeted ads shown and at least 85 direct visits to your website per month, guaranteed. $595 per month.

To see if digital advertising is a fit for your business, contact Allan Ash.

215-840-3136 or

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